Blue Training Cuffs


Blue Training Cuffs (BTC) has a custom designed Quick Release Tab (QRT) that allows the cuffs to be removed without a key and then immediately loaded for the next application. It is estimated that the learning of motor programs can be increased by 200%!


More Reps & Less Down Time

Now your students can increase their handcuffing skills by getting in more reps than using regular cuffs by eliminating down time from accessing cuff keys, double locking and then unlocking after each repetition.

Fits in Your Pouch

Some other training handcuffs have bulky “key/button/unlock” systems, which do not allow the trainee to completely close their handcuff pouch. Blue Training Cuff’s low-profile QRT enables the cuffs to be placed into a closed handcuff pouch on the user’s duty belt. This keeps them from falling out if the scenario is dynamic (CQB/Foot Pursuit/Takedown etc).

Anodized Training Blue

BTC is coloured blue (LE/MIL recognized inert safe colour) which also minimizes the potential risk of students leaving the training environment with training cuffs which are silver/metallic!

Dedicated Training Cuffs

It is also best practice to have dedicated training cuffs for the students to use instead of their issued duty handcuffs that might have residue of blood borne pathogens/bacteria or viruses from actual street use prior to the training day.

Blue Training Systems - “Training Officers for Their Day”



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Blue Training Cuff


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