Setcan™ Principle Based Subject Control Instructor Course
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Course Description:
Setcan is proud to introduce the Principle Based Subject Control System. After spending years analyzing, researching and refining, Setcan has developed a new system of subject control that is quickly revolutionizing how trainers approach this area of instruction.

The explosion of video recording of police actions, along with the ability to share the videos online, has allowed trainers to see how officers actually behave during real encounters. Advanced innovation in the area of dynamic scenario based training has also allowed trainers to safely test their officers performance in a true to life stressful environment.

When Setcan tested subject control skills from a random selection of officers within a large municipal police agency, a commonality of response was observed. What was most telling was that the techniques most commonly observed were not the techniques taught by the agency.

As a result of these observations, Setcan began to research and identify the most common responses by officers along with developing flexible solutions to these dynamic encounters. The result is a program based on principles that can be applied in an unlimited manner, while still falling within operating guidelines of justified force. This 5 day course (evening work required) will cover the full spectrum of Empty Hand Tactics.

This will be achieved by evaluating each officer over a five day period where the following techniques and strategies will be performed. Topics covered will be :

  • Tactical Communication
  • Balance and Stance
  • Proper and Effective Handcuffing
  • Personal Weapons
  • Pressure Points
  • Ground Control
  • Take Downs
  • One vs Two Office Tactics
  • Weapon Retention
  • Less Injurious Targets
  • Principle Based Joint Lock System
  • Vascular Neck Restraint (if required) and Shoulder Lock Techniques
  • O C Sprays
  • Expandable Baton
  • Searching
  • Extraction/Interventions
  • Officer Safety Issues

The Prepared Warrior Podcast - Episode 1: Principle Based Training

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The Course will specifically address:


  • Tactical Battle - Court Implications
  • The importance of keeping up to date with training, case law, and your own policies.
  • Emotionally Disturbed People - case law.
  • Officer Induced Jeopardy
  • Excited Delirium - what is required of us?
  • What exactly is Stress Inoculation - it is NOT simply putting someone in training under stress!
  • The importance of training officers to strike on the ground - case law.
  • The importance of Tactical Communication
  • Use of Force Models VS Section 25 of the criminal code


  • The majority of your training time should be spent on what the videos tell you the suspects do 90% of the time.
  • How to Read the Play - The importance and why you need to train your people for this!
  • Neurological Pathways (Muscle Memory) - How trainers can create bad pathways and why it is imperative in training to create positive pathways!


  • One Size Fits All - we all know this is not true. How to train people to understand their limitations, when to escalate, when to disengage, when to engage, call for assistance etc.
  • Winning Mindset - Does a Winning Mindset mean WE will win no matter what? We must be realistic with training and train our people to win.

... and much, much more.

  • Target Selection - a key issue in what level of force you are using!
  • Why it is crucial to train all officers in all ranges with every weapon and without weapons. These ranges will be emphasized throughout the entire course
  • Protecting you, your officers, suspects/inmates, and your institution from liability issues. Quick and easy refresher training that covers the high end of the bell curve of Use of Force Encounters.