Modular component design
Safely sanitized and disinfected between uses
Varying levels of coverage
Unmatched mobility

Exceptional multi-layered blunt force trauma protection
Quick exchange of personnel
Easy-on adjustable sizing
Unmatched mobility

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Redman XP
Redman WDS
Redman Misc Products

XP Student Suit
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Defensive Tactics Training Suit
Available in Instructor and Student Configurations

• Aerosol and Baton Training
• Evasion Tactics without Weapons in Water
• Dynamic Entry Training
• Hostage Rescue Training
• Empty Hand Training and Hand Blocking
• Strikes: Target Aquisition, Redirection, Grappling
• Handgun Retention
• Weapon Disarming
• Crisis Intervention
• Low and High Imapct Training

The plastic trauma plates disperse impact, to provide all-day instructor protection. Extended, form-fitting design gives full bodycoverage with minimal gap. Student configuration accommodates duty belt during training.

(Available in S/M to L/XL suit with head sizes M, L or XL)
Item # RMXP

(Available in S/M to L/XL suit with head sizes M, L or XL)
Item # RMPS

*4x4 Package pricing available
(with 1Instructor suit, 4 student suits and a configuration/accessory pack)

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XP Instructor Suit
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REDMAN Folding Training Mat

Once again, we help keep officers safe with an extra thick folding mat for padding training room walls and floors. Attach them together with the hook/loop sides and create duty assignment mock-ups like benches, couches, beds and steps. The large 4'x8' x 1 1/2" mat is made from cross link foam and doesn't break down with wear. Velcro on four sides.

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REDMAN Striking Shield

This Shield is tough enough to handle the force of a duty baton must-have gear for any defensive tactics or corrections training scenario. Oversize design, adjustable, body forming.

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