Setcan® Biomechanical Breaching Certification Course
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Course Description:

This course is unlike anything that is currently being taught to law enforcement or military personnel. This course incorporates years of real world experience and a scientific study conducted by the University of Manitoba. This combination has allowed us to develop a mechanical swing that is more effective and efficient than anything that has been seen before. This course will focus on other areas of mechanical breaching such as the Hallligan and Thors hammer along with tactical considerations when breaching.

The Biomechanical Breach style of training involves breaking down of the body’s use in maximizing force when swinging a ram to open a door. This cutting edge study, in conjunction with SETCAN, can have an officer ready and capable to make entry using a ram in minimal numbers of training sessions, regardless of physical stature, proving to be very cost effective for law enforcement agencies. The course will prove that persons of any stature, with good technique, can be very capable breachers. Breaching is not just for the big guys anymore.

Duration: 2 Day Course

Course Topics:

  • Identify nomenclature of the Blackhawk Ram, Halligan and Thors hammer.
  • Correctly perform the mechanical swing.
  • Be able to teach students the break down for the mechanical swing.
  • Be able to identify tactical considerations prior to breaching a door.
  • Explain when and where the Halligan is used.
  • Correctly breach a door with a Halligan.
  • Understand when and where a Halligan is used.
  • Breach a door with a Thors hammer.
  • Be familiar with the different types of doors and how to breach them.
  • Understand how doors are fortified and reinforced.
  • Understand how breach fortified doors.
  • Identify and correct the common errors in breaching.